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Sin salabim

Sin salabim novomatic

Sin Salabim is a spell that is usually said by magicians. Novomatic will invite you to watch magic that is fun and full of unexpected surprises. Succeeding in impressing many people is the key to success for magicians. Various types of magic scenes that you will encounter in the sin salabim game.

Great magician keywords that will also pronounce sim salabim abracadrabra. It is not only great magicians who chant this great spell but novice magicians and many children who sometimes imitate the words of magicians. Various types of ways and tricks that you can find in the sim salabim game.

Game symbols and free spins

Hezbelamal – Different types of tricks will bring out many unique items in the magician’s hat. It’s not just the hat that becomes a magic tool, there is also a black stick which is a medium of strength for magicians. The types of symbols present on the game reels are: rabbit, dove, stick, card, magician, flower bouquet, tiger, dice, and casino symbols of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and number 10.

In the salabim sin game, the magician is a beautiful woman with a sweet red to pink stage color. The female magician becomes a wild which can replace all symbols except the scatter. The scatter will be on the magic wand. 3 magic wands give 10 free spins plus a magician woman. If during the free spins you get 3 more scatters then you will get an additional 10 free spins.

with a few taps directly magic//trick


The more scatters you get, the higher the chance to win. The winning value that gamers can get is 10 types of wins. The roll form has 5 unique and fun rolls. Every win that gamers will get can be started from left to right except scatter.

Scatter has its own symbol value so you will have many chances to win. in any position the scatter is present will give value and free spins. Still want to get more coins, you can try playing the gamble game. A game that can increase the value of your bet when you win the gamble game.

Auto game

The value that has been bet will be doubled when you win. Prepare the value of your bet because the sin salabim game is played with real money. Don’t let your credit score run out because the game will stop and you have to add more bet money in the salabim sin game. There are plus and minus signs that gamers can use in the game.

The sin salabim game is not only great magic that will give you value but you can also enjoy the game by using the game’s automatic buttons. Automatic buttons will make it easy for you to win. The game rotation continues to play quickly so you don’t feel long playing the game.

Playing games through the website

Values ​​are formed quickly so gamers get a chance to win. To play the game sim salabim gamers don’t need to be difficult to find or even download. Because the Salabim sin game can also be played through the website. It’s very easy and easy not to play the sin salabim game, no need to download again. Also play the sin salabim game using a mobile that already has an android ios device. With mobile, it’s easy to play freely without any hassle.

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Faust cool fire

Faust cool fire novomatic

Novomatic invites cooperation with cool fire, a site that provides jackpots in every game. The available jackpots are quite a lot so it is guaranteed that gamers will like the value and jackpots that have been provided by gamers. This time the game that is invited to join is a faust game. A game that has a theme full of greed and wealth will provide many exciting gaming experiences for gamers.

Faust was a noble man who had a lot of wealth and fame everywhere. This makes this diligent and polite man continue to look for ways to raise his name to be the best. But due to greed and greed for fame and fortune, Faust forgot who he was, so he did many ways so that his name and fame would not be lost. In this faust game, gamers will be faced with 5 reels filled with unexpected conflicts.

Selling souls to demons to win

To raise the prestige higher faust teamed up with a demon. Selling his soul to continue to make him famous. There are already 10 types of ways that you can use to make you win and get a lot of wealth like faust. A devil who can grant all your wishes and give you a lot of wealth when you manage to get 3 of the same devil symbols.

To get to know anyone who can give a lot of advantages, gamers can enter the game info. There will be many secrets that can make gamers win and get a lot of wealth very much. Want more then you must first identify the characters that make you win easily such as:

Available symbol values

– Faust noble man who went wild. Can replace all symbols. The values ​​obtained are 2, 3, 4, and 5 : 10, 100, 1,000, and 5,000 [ Hezbelamal ]

– The scatter that comes is a demon. Be careful with the devil because he can disguise himself as you and take everything that belongs to you. Scatter will replace all symbols. If you manage to get 3 scatters, then 10 free spins will be active. The devil will also give you unexpected values ​​of the sum of 3, 4, and 5 : 20, 200, and 2,000

– Beautiful women have symbols 2, 3, 4, and 5 : 5, 40, 400, and 2,000

– Scales insight and power to two symbols that have the same value and number of symbols 2, 3, 4, and 5 : 5, 30, 100, and 750.

– A and K 2 marks that can give you a score of 3, 4, and 5 : 5, 40, and 150

– Q, J, and 10 to three symbols that have the same sum 3, 4, and 5 : 5, 25, and 100

the devil who gives wealth//success
Play with real money

The value of the bet that gamers can start playing from 10 to the highest value is at number 50. Of all the symbols that have been introduced, gamers can see which symbols have high values. The high value is on the faust mark of five thousand coins for every bet that gamers get. Get the same 5 symbols to make high scores.

The combination makes it easier for you to win and quickly add game coins. To play this game, gamers must prepare some amount of money that is sufficient to place a bet on the game. Because the game is a faust type of game that can be played with real bet money. the higher the value of the bet that gamers place, the more value of coins gamers will get in the game faust. Use left to right to form symbol values.

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Slot Online Rotiki Playngo

Biasanya slot online memiliki cara bermain di gulungan yang berputar dari atas kebawah. Namun untuk slot online rotiki cukup berbeda. Pasalnya simbol yang tidak memicu nilai pembayaran akan bergeser kedalam putaran lainnya dari kiri ke kanan. Dalam permainan ini bettor akan langsung diberikan babak respins. Sehingga saat pertama kali putaran memicu nilai pembayaran maka akan ada 3x respins diberikan secara langsung dengan cara menahan simbol tersebut untuk mencari nilai tambahan. Dengan adanya respin pastinya bettor akan terbantu dengan nilai kemenangan yang akan diperoleh. 

Di permainan ini akan ada 8 barisan dan 6 reels. Simbol yang akan diajak bermain ialah simbol yang cukup unik seperti topeng – topeng dipedalaman. Sangat terlihat sekali bahwa slot online rotiki berada di dalam hutan. Di hutan yang berisi topeng- topeng akan membuat para bettor merasakan hal yang tak terduga pastinya. Jadi untuk anda yang akan melakukan permainan didalamnya tidak perlu diragukan kembali. 

Simbol pembayaran

Hezbelamal – Syarat utama untuk memperoleh nilai pembayaran dari slot rotiki ialah ada 5 simbol sejenis yang harus muncul. Dengan memiliki 5 simbol sejenis akan diberikan nilai sesuai ketentuan yang ada. Tidak ada persayaratan lain saaat akan meraih nilai pembayaran pada slot online rotiki. 

– Simbol W ialah simbol wild. Dalam slot online rotiki ada simbol wild yang akan muncul dan memberikan nilai pembayaran. Simbol w pada permainan ini bukan sekedar simbol yang hanya akan menggantikan dalam memberi nilai kemenangan. Tetapi simbol w yang muncul akan memberikan tanda atau simbol Anak panah, w atau plus. Masing – masing simbol yang akan terganti memiliki arti tersendiri. Seperti

  1. Simbol anak panah keatas, memiliki arti dimana akan ada 1 tingkat disekitarnya yang dapat dirubah simbolnya untuk memicu nilai pembayaran.
  2. Tanda plus, ialah seluruh simbol yang sejenis akan berubah demi mencapai nilai kemenangan. 
  3. Simbol wild akan memberikan nilai sesuai ketentuan yang ada. 
banyak nilai dari topeng berbeda//unik

Simbol wild yang muncul selama perputaran tidak hanya ada 1 wild saja. Melainkan ada 2 bahkan lebih dari itu. Oleh karena itu permainan ini menjadikan bettor lebih bersemangat. Sebab bettor merasakan ada banyak nilai kemenangan yang akan diperoleh saat akan bermain slot online didalamnya.

– Simbol topeng yang ada pada slot online rotiki terdapat 4 warna topeng. Simbol topeng memiliki nilai pembayaran tertinggi. Nilai pembayaran yang akan dibayarkan dari minimal 5 simbol yaitu  0.6 hingga dengan nilai maksimal 150 ada 48 simbol.

– Simbol selain dari topeng akan muncul pada permainan pastinya memiliki ketentuan yang sama yaitu 5 simbol sejenis. Nilai minimal simbol ada pada 0.3 dan maksimal nilai ada pada 30.

Ruang bermain berhadiah

Saat seluruh reels dan barisan menjadi simbol pembayaran maka bettor akan dibawa kedalam babak permainan yang seru. Dalam permainan ini akan ada simbol X, topeng berwarna silver, topeng berwarna emas dan simbol pusaran. Masing – masing simbol pasti akan memiliki arti tersendiri yaitu

– Simbol topeng silver akan memberikan nilai penggali
– Tanda pusaran akan memberikan bettor kesempatan memilih 5x.
– Simbol topeng emas akan memberikan hadiah spesial

– Simbol X tidak memiliki arti. 

Cara bermain ialah, bettor harus memilih simbol mana yang akan muncul dan melanjutkan babak permainan selanjutnya. Dengan melakukan taruhan pada slot online diyakini akan menang dengan nilai kemenangan yang nyata.

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Slot Online Idol-of-fortune PlaynGo

Bermain slot online pada simbol – simbol binatang dihutan seperti gajah, macan dan lainnya akan membuat anda merasakan banyak nilai kemenangan. Selain dari simbolnya sendiri yang bermunculan ada 243 cara agar bettor merasa mudah meraih nilai pembayaran pada game idol-of-fortune. 

Slot Online Idol-of-fortune cara bermain

Apabila dalam permainan dasar muncul simbol wild maka terjadi respins. Saat terjadi putaran ulang hanya reels ke 2 saja yang tidak mengeluarkan cahaya emas. Dari semua cahaya apabila muncul cahaya emas maka memicu babak permainan lain yaitu Wild Prize.

Hezbelamal – Masuk kedalam wild prize akan ada 3 barisan dan 4 reels. Dalam permainan tersebut anda akan bermain pada reels yang memilih simbol sejenis. Apabila simbol yang terbuka memiliki 3 simbol sejenis akan diberikan nilai pembayaran yang sesuai dengan ketentuan. Dalam babak wild prize akan ada 4 simbol yang muncul memberikan nilai pembayaran dari nilai 10 hingga 5000.

 Slot Online Idol-of-fortune Free Spins

Jika pada permainan dasar muncul 3 simbol scatter maka akan ada 6 simbol yang bermunculan. Masing – masing simbol akan memicu jumlah free spins serta memicu simbol yang muncul sesuai dengan yang dipilih seperti merah, biru, hijau, dan lainnya. Pastinya jika pada permainan free spins terdapat simbol yang muncul pada putaran maka akan berhenti dan kemungkinan bertambah pasti ada. Tetapi saat simbol telah mengisi 1 bagian reels maka putaran selanjutnya akan menghilang dan akan berpindah ke posisi selanjutnya. 

Jumlah free spins akan diberikan dari 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 free spins dan misteri simbol. Apabila bettor memilih misteri simbol. Maka jelas tidak akan tau berapa jumlah free spins yang diberikan serta ada berapa simbol yang akan memicu simbol misteri sendiri. Karena jumlah free spins yang terbuka maka akan terlihat juga berapa jumlah simbol misteri yang akan diperoleh. 

banyak jumlah free spin di dapat//unik
Slot Online Idol-of-fortune Simbol 

Semua simbol yang sejenis dari kiri ke kanan akan diberikan nilai pembayaran. Namun untuk simbol scatter yang muncul dimana saja tidak akan diberikan nilai pembayaran. Dalam nilai kemenangan kombinasi nilai pembayaran tertinggilah yang akan dibayarkan. Dengan ini adalah simbol – simbol yang ada pada Slot Online Idol-of-fortune

– Scatter ialah simbol gajah. Munculnya 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 10, 4= 20 dan 5= 100. Muncul 3 atau lebih simbol scatter dalam permainan memicu free spins. 

– Wild muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 2, 4= 4 dan 5= 20. Simbol wild yang muncul dalam permainan memicu nilai pembayaran. Simbol wild akan memberikan nilai tapi tidak pada simbol scatter. 

– Belalai gajah muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 2, 4= 4 dan 5= 20.

– Macan muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 1, 4= 2.4 dan 4= 12.

– Burung muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.8, 4= 1.6 dan 5= 8.

– Ular muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.6, 4= 1 dan 5= 4.

– Kelinci muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.6, 4= 1 dan 5= 4. 

– A muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.4. 4= 0.8 dan 5= 1.6.

– K muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.4, 4= 0.8 dan 5= 1.6.

– Q muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.2, 4= 0.6 dan 5= 1.2.

– J muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.2, 4= 0.4 dan 5= 0.8.

– 10 muncul 3 simbol scatter memberikan nilai 0.2, 4= 0.4 dan 5= 0.8.

game online slot online Uncategorized Vikings & dragons

Vikings & dragons

Vikings & dragons

If you want to play a game that is different from the others, of course, gamers have to look for exciting and interesting games, right? Now comes a game that has an interesting and challenging version of the game. Game entitled Vikings & dragon which is still from novomatic. A game that has a unique symbol shape and dragon action that continues to burst without stopping.

This game tells of a warrior who travels in search of fighting experience. On the way there is a story that the strong dragon has a lot of gold. Many bandits and hunters tried to get the treasure but failed. The story was heard by the traveling soldier. Hearing this the warrior tried to go to the dragon’s place to fight with the dragon.

Start playing the game

Hezbelamal – This is where the resistance of the warriors and dragons, which is the game begins. Game in the form of 5 reels with various types of symbols ready to help win and give treasure to soldiers. The type of game that has a high level will prove to you that you are entitled to a high win.

Vikings & dragon game also provides 25 types of game payout values. In each game, there will be symbols that can give wins, such as wilds, scatters, and bonuses. Therefore Vikings & Dragons also provide a symbol that will be ready to give your treasure to you. To know more values ​​and symbols, go to the game info.

strong beat of dragon stick//soldier

Game symbols and scores

To know the shape of the symbol that is on Vikings & Dragons, you can directly play the game with the symbol form as follows:

– Wild a symbol comes in the form of a gold coin. Wild will replace all but scatter. The amount that gamers must have in order to get a high score is 2, 3, 4, and 5 worth 30, 50, 150, and 1500 coins.

– Scatter you will find a bonus letter which is a scatter sign in the form of a treasure chest. With scatter you will enjoy several types of interesting games such as free spins and symbol values. The number of free spins that will be obtained is 20 free spins and the number of symbols 3, 4, and 5 is worth 100, 250, and 1250. The most interesting thing in the Viking & Dragon scatter is the number of free spins. Where each number of symbols provides free spins with different amounts ranging from 8, 12, and 20 spins.

– Soldiers have symbols 2, 3, 4, and 5 values ​​of 320, 2,400, 8,000 and 40,000

– Green hammer and wand = 3, 4, and 5: 2,400, 5,500, and 20,000

– Helmet and armor = 3, 4, and 5: 2,400, 4,800 and 16,000

– A and k = 3, 4, and 5: 800, 4,800, and 8,000

– Q and J = 3, 4, and 5: 320, 1,600, 6,400

– 10 and 9 = 3, 4, and 5: 320, 800, and 4000

Every now and then the warrior appeared and stomped the dragon staff on the ground causing the treasure chest to release wild coins. The 7 wild coins will stay on the reels and wait for the reels to stop spinning and score. Every hit made by soldiers does not always give a lot of wild coins. With the presence of the warrior who stomped the dragon staff on the ground, it gave opportunity to

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Book of ra magic

Book of Ra Magic novoline

Book of ra magic is a type of game developed by novomatic, many book of ra series have been presented by novomatic. Of the many book of ra series, novomatic does not stop growing, but continues to seek the latest inspiration and make the most popular games. Book of magic has almost the same game characteristics as the book of magic game.

Although the version is almost the same, the book of magic game is the most popular game. This type of reel game has 5 reels with 10 ways to get a win. For lovers of the book of ra magic game, you can also make real money bets. Of course when you play you will feel a tense sensation because you will meet the pharaoh.

Stored history in the game

Hezbelamal – You don’t have to worry about playing the book of ra magic game, because this game always gives you lots of wins so many gamers are interested in joining book of magic. For history lovers, you can play in the Book of Ra magic, because the Book of magic will also provide many stories of Egyptian history.

You will be invited to go inside to see the contents of the pyramids and will find some treasures from Egypt. In playing the book of ra magic game you will find timestamps, game bonuses, and the value of game wins.

game symbol book // magic

Game symbols

How to play the book of ra magic game can be by getting 5 of the same signs, then you will get 10 free spins, each symbol always has different values and to find out the value can be from:

– high win value obtained from egyptian sign, and an archaeologist

– small value in the game can be obtained from remy cards [ US, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 ]

In addition to the symbol value, you will also get a pay line from left to right.

The game symbol in the form of a book is a sign that can replace other symbols [wild].

The scatter in the book of ra magic is in the form of a book. To get free spins you can also present the same 3 books. The smallest bet value in games or online gambling is 0.10 coins to 200 coins.

If you get 3 more scatters, you will get 10 more free spins while they are still in the bonus cycle. The opportunity to win can be obtained if you get additional symbols. To be able to get additional symbols you have to choose them while they are still in the free spins. Then you will get a faster victory

When you get 9 symbols that have been selected, the symbols will widen specifically. For new players who are still unsure, you can try playing the book of magic demo game. To play the demo game, you don’t need to place a bet, because demo games are the same as offline games.

Advantages of playing demo games

Maybe many gamers think that the demo game is nothing ?

But did you know that with the demo game, you will know how to play book of ra magic. There are many ways that can be seen from the demo game and the advantages such as:

– makes it easy to play the game

– by observing the book of ra magic you can know the steps of the game

– know the value of the victory that can be obtained

– the number of wins in the game.

With the demo game, it makes it easier for you to win, as well as high bet values.

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Sinbad Quickspin

Slot online Sinbad Quickspin

Slot online sinbad memiliki tampilan permainan yang berbeda dari slot online lainnya yaitu pada reel 1 dan 5 hanya ada 3 baris. Sedangkan reels 2, 3 dan 4 ada 4 baris. Susunan tampilan permainan berbeda namun tidak berpengaruh. Pasalnya yang akan memberikan nilai pembayaran adalah jenis simbol yang sama dan jumlahnya di Sinbad Quickspin.

Sinbad memiliki tema permainan arabian, sehingga tidak perlu heran kenapa simbol yang digunakan serta background dari permainan sinbad mengarah ke tanah arabian. Bettor diberikan pengalaman berbeda dari sinbad sehingga tidak heran kenapa banyak bettor yang ingin terus melakukan bettingan didalamnya dan mengakui bahwa permainan slot sinbad ingin terus dijelajahi. 

Permainan slot online semakin menarik karena berbagai fitur permainan akan diberikan. Membutuhkan waktu yang cukup lama agar anda bisa memperoleh babak permainan lainnya. Terus melakukan perputaran demi putaran maka anda akan memperoleh babak permainan lainnya. Jadi bersabarlah agar anda merasakan nilai pembayaran yang ada.

Sinbad Simbol

Hezbelamal – Simbol yang ada pada Sinbad ialah 

– simbol wild. Munculnya 2 atau lebih simbol wild memicu nilai pembayaran. Tetapi tidak hanya nilai pembayaran saja yang akan diberikan pada slot Sinbad. Pasalnya simbol wild akan menggantikan semua simbol yang ada kecuali simbol scatter, diamond, dan snake wild simbol.

– Simbol scatter ialah simbol kapal kecil. Jika muncul 3 atau lebih simbol scatter memicu babak free spins serta memicu nilai pembayaran 2x dari total bet. 

– Simbol lain yang ada pada slot sinbad ialah beberapa simbol pria, wanita bercadar dan beberapa warna simbol diamond.

Semua simbol yang ada pada sinbad akan memberikan nilai pembayaran jika 3 atau lebih simbol muncul dalam permainan. 40 cara untuk meraih pembayaran akan dibayarkan secara langsung pada slot online sinbad. Pastinya anda yang bermain slot online sinbad akan senang karena babak permainannya serta nilai pembayaran yang akan dibayarkan. Hanya pada nilai yang tertinggi saja yang akan dibayarkan pada slot online sinbad. Yang memicu pembayaran selain dari simbol sejenis adalah cara peletakkan simbol. Karena simbol dari kiri ke kanan yang sejenis akan dibayarkan secara langsung. 


Sinbad Free spins Quickspin

Akan masuk kedalam babak free spins sinbad pastinya ada 3 pilihan yaitu 

– Ape. Layar Ape akan memicu 7 free spins serta akan ada simbol wild yang terkunci.  slot online arabian game

– Roc akan memicu 10 free spins. Memilih roc berarti akan ada diamond yang harus kumpulkan selama free spins. Akan ada saatnya simbol diamond terkumpulkan sesuai dengan tingkat akan ada free spins tambahan yang akan diberikan. 

– Snake memicu 12 free spins serta akan ada simbol wild ular yang akan menemani permainan anda. Pada free spins snake apabila ada 2 simbol wild snake yang muncul pada perputaran maka akan ada salah satu simbol yang berubah menjadi simbol wild sehingga memberikan nilai pembayaran. 

Sinbad mobile

Slot online sinbad akan memberikan babak permainan yang menarik sehingga anda yang bermain melakukan komputer atau smartphone tidak akan merasa kesulitan. Bersama quickspins anda akan lebih tenang jika melakukan perputaran didalamnya. Video game dari sinbad telah disesuaikan agar anda bisa melakukannya dengan mudah. Semua kemudahan akan diberikan kepada seluruh bettor yang enggan repot. Apalagi banyak bettor yang melakukan banyak aktivitas sehingga tidak heran kenapa ada banyak bettor yang terus melakukan bettingan dengan smartphone.